An ergonomics checklist (computer workstation)

  • Adjust the height of your chair so that your knees are at 90° of flexion and your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Adjust the height of your desk or keyboard tray so that your elbows are at 90° of flexion.
  • Adjust the lumbar support at belt level or slightly above (to support the natural curve of your spine)
  • Adjust your backrest upright or tilted back slightly (90-110°)
  • Lower armrests so that they can fit under the desk or keyboard tray.
  • Use the seat pan slider to maintain 1-2” between the back of the knee and end of seat pan.
  • Place the monitor directly in front of you.
  • Place the monitor an arm’s length away from you.
  • Place the top of the monitor screen level with the height of your eyes (10-15° below the horizontal)
  • Avoid cradling the phone at your shoulder – use one hand to write or type and the other hand to hold the phone, ask to put the client on hold, or use a headset.
  • If you perform data entry, use a copy stand or document holder to lessen neck rotation and flexion.
  • Keep your wrists neutral when keyboarding and mousing.
  • Avoid resting your wrists on the desk or wrist rest – keep the keyboard and mouse as close as possible to you.
  • When mousing, place the pressure on the pad of your palm, not your wrist.
  • Bring all frequently used items close to you on the desk (e.g. telephone)
  • Move all items from underneath the desk that are blocking your legs.

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