Essential Office Chair Features – Part VII

13.  Lumbar support

  • Many chair backrests do not have lumbar support.  Lumbar support is found in the lower part of the backrest and is usually a small rounded-out area in the padding.
  • When there is no lumbar support, the natural curve of the spine straightens when in a seated position.  Prolonged sitting with a straight lumbar spine affects the proper alignment of the vertebrae and discs and in turn can possibly cause discomfort and strain.
  • The backrest should have adequate padding to provide lumbar support.

14.  Lumbar support adjustment

  • Many lumbar supports cannot be raised or lowered and/or the amount of padding cannot be increased or decreased.
  • When the lumbar support can’t be adjusted, it is difficult to achieve the proper natural curve of the spine because each person requires differing amounts of support.
  • The backrest should raise and lower, and the amount of lumbar support should be adjustable either with a crank mechanism or an air pocket system.

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