Essential Office Chair Features – Part IV

7.  Backrest angle adjustment

  • Many chairs have backrests that are fixed and do not allow for the angle to be adjusted.
  • When the back rest angle is not adjustable, employees may end up being forced to hunch over their desks when the angle is too far forward, or more commonly, have to slouch to allow their backs to rest on the back rest that is angled too far back.
  • The backrest must be adjustable in angle (90-110˚ is the recommended angle).

8.  Backrest angle adjustment with lock

  • Sometimes chairs have backrests that “free float” and cannot be locked in place.
  • When the back rest does not lock, employees may suffer back discomfort from being unable to rest their backs in an upright position.  The back needs the option for stability and lumbar support for prolonged sitting.
  • The backrest must lock in place.

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