Copy Stands, Clips and Document Holders: Part II

Copy Stands – These are stands placed on the desk on either side of the monitor as close to the screen as possible.  Use these when you are entering data without the need to write on the hard copy.  Copy stands are best for books as it is unlikely that a copy clip will hold the weight of a book.  Copy stands should always have an adjustable slant.

Copy Clips – These are clips that clip onto the top of your monitor on the left or right side depending on your preference.  These are ergonomically ideal as they bring the hard copy the closest to the screen reducing the need for head and neck repetitive motion.  But because they only hold a few pieces of paper at a time, you are limited to data entry of this nature.

Document Holders – These are larger holders that sit directly in front of you between your screen and your keyboard.  These are used when you have the need to write on the hard copy periodically while typing and are also good for heavy books.  Document holders still cause some neck flexion, but they are preferable to leaving the hard copy directly on the desk.  As with copy stands, document holders must have an adjustable slant to ensure proper position of the hard copy for the least possible neck flexion.


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