Limit Blackberry Use – 09/12/11

If laptops are ergonomically un-friendly, then Blackberrys border on enemy status.  But you can try a few tips that may reduce your risk for “Blackberry Thumb” (a repetitive strain injury caused by repetitive use of the thumbs):

  1. Use the Blackberry to primarily view emails; try to respond using your regular computer or limit your response to one or two sentences;
  2. Use the stylus or rubber end of a pencil instead of your thumbs to type on the Blackberry;
  3. Try to use the Blackberry trackball with your left thumb to give your right thumb a break;
  4. Limit use of Blackberry to 15 minutes a day or at least 15 minutes per session;
  5. Alternate using Blackberry with doing other tasks.

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