Limit laptop use – 09/11/20

The laptop computer, although convenient, is not ergonomically-friendly.  When using a laptop, you cannot separate the screen and the keyboard which results in awkward postures any way you use it.  If you use it on your lap, sitting upright, the screen is too low causing neck flexion.  If you use it on a table, the screen height may be okay, but the keyboard will be too high resulting in hunching of your shoulders, raising of your arms, wrist flexion, and possible compression to your wrists if you rest them against the table edge.  The best solution is to use a docking station for your laptop so you can use a regular monitor and keyboard at the correct heights (see previous posts).  You can also attach an external keyboard and mouse directly to your laptop, and put your laptop at the correct height for monitor screens.  At the very least, research would seem to show that partial reclining with your laptop (for example, on a couch) places the least pressure on the low back, reduces the need for arm and shoulder raising, and reduces wrist flexion and compression.  The one area to watch is the neck – it will work harder holding up your head unless you can rest it on a pillow.


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