Telephone Posture – 09/11/17

Everyone seems to know this, yet everyone seems to do this…. cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder. When you do this, your neck has to assume an awkward posture moving it out of neutral range (See Risk Factors: Awkward Postures). Then your shoulder has to come up to hold the phone, which requires the sustained use of the trapezius muscle. If you do this for some time (over 1 minute), static posture becomes an issue and slows down blood supply (See Risk Factors: Static Posture). And don’t forget all those important nerves and blood vessels connecting your brain to your body traversing through your neck – you don’t want any of those nerves or vessels to be pinched or cramped. Use your left hand to hold the phone to your ear and your right hand to write down caller information (if you are left-handed, reverse this). Resist the urge to type on the keyboard with both hands when on the phone. If this is something you need to do frequently, you will need a telephone headset to free up your hands.


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