Distance from the computer monitor – 09/10/26

A general rule of thumb for viewing distance from your computer monitor has been “an arms’ length” away. However, with newer screens becoming bigger, this may not always be the case. There has been no definitive research on this topic recently so my recommendations have leaned towards “whatever feels comfortable”. Keep in mind: If you are too close to the monitor, there is the possibility of eye strain and fatigue. Also, head and neck motion increases to see all parts of the screen, especially with the super-size screens (over 24”). If you are too far from the monitor, you will tend to lean into it because the font will be too small to be able to read comfortably. This will place unwanted pressure on your neck and upper back. My advice would be to sit where your eyes feel most comfortable, make sure your head and neck are upright, and adjust the font on the screen if it’s too small.


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